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I have been a fitness fanatic since high school, which means I’ve been hitting the gym on pretty much a daily basis for the last 30 years. I also did some personal training in my 20’s (I had an ACE certification). Making some quick calculations on the back of my napkin, it looks like I’ve stepped into a gym close to 10,000 times. This means that 10,000 times I have seen at least one person doing something absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, what I have witnessed is so remarkable that I have to rush home to call someone. With this blog, I can just share with everyone.

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Kind of a pickle

When you’re searching for a fitness and health expert you can trust, you need a few shortcuts to determine if the guy or gal is actually competent. So here’s one timesaver: if he or she ever says that pickles are a source of fermented foods, keep scrolling. Fermented foods should be part of a high…

Heal Faster

I watched an interesting webcast this week about building an online business. According to the expert, every prosperous content creator requires three tiers of offers: A gateway product. This offering, which I have, introduces customers to your brand at an easy price point. A membership product. This creation should be finalized last. You need a…

The 2x rule

Past a certain age, it takes twice as much time to regain your conditioning versus the length of time off. For example, if you’re going to take a month off for a summer vacation, you’ll have to grind away at the gym for two months to return to your pre-trip form. A similar rule applies…