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I have been a fitness fanatic since high school, which means I’ve been hitting the gym on pretty much a daily basis for the last 30 years. I also did some personal training in my 20’s (I had an ACE certification). Making some quick calculations on the back of my napkin, it looks like I’ve stepped into a gym close to 10,000 times. This means that 10,000 times I have seen at least one person doing something absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, what I have witnessed is so remarkable that I have to rush home to call someone. With this blog, I can just share with everyone.

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Idols and Heroes

My teenage daughter is at the stage where she dreams up a new career each week. Last month it was YouTube influencer, last week it was clothing designer, and today — I think this might stick — is psychologist. I gave her my $.02 on the mental health field. For starters, the area of nutrition…

Heal injuries naturally — product progression

If you find yourself dealing with a gym-related strain or sprain, you don’t have to reach for an over-the-counter painkiller or get a prescription for high-dose ibuprofen. I have developed a progression of all-natural interventions from the simplest to more complicated, based on my own trial and error. These substances not only work like analgesics,…

The social contract

My wife was pregnant when we went to sign the rental contract for our prior apartment. She was due to give birth during the term of the lease. Our rental agent suggested that we include in the contract a clause that severely limited or prohibited the landlord from showing the apartment to prospective tenants or…