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I have been a fitness fanatic since high school, which means I’ve been hitting the gym on pretty much a daily basis for the last 30 years. I also did some personal training in my 20’s (I had an ACE certification). Making some quick calculations on the back of my napkin, it looks like I’ve stepped into a gym close to 10,000 times. This means that 10,000 times I have seen at least one person doing something absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, what I have witnessed is so remarkable that I have to rush home to call someone. With this blog, I can just share with everyone.

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I’m on a multi-week vacation in Spain, and I wanted to post my report on Madrid. First, I can’t explain how this works, but eggs in Spain are not refrigerated. You go to the supermarket and the cartons of eggs are stacked directly next to the bottled water. I suppose when a chicken lays an…

What’s your score?

I was having breakfast with my in-laws today. As my father-in-law reached for the salt, his wife slapped his hand and scolded him for his salt consumption. The connection between salt and heart problems is a medical myth, one that per usual, only makes the problem worse. In fact, LOW sodium causes heart attacks, and…

The Next Generation

I went to law school with the goal of being part of the tort reform movement. I always figured that without restraints, lawyers would be the ones to destroy the world, particularly as it relates to healthcare. Some examples: surging rates on malpractice insurance act as a tax on everything; defensive medicine compels doctors to…