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I have been a fitness fanatic since high school, which means I’ve been hitting the gym on pretty much a daily basis for the last 30 years. I also did some personal training in my 20’s (I had an ACE certification). Making some quick calculations on the back of my napkin, it looks like I’ve stepped into a gym close to 10,000 times. This means that 10,000 times I have seen at least one person doing something absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, what I have witnessed is so remarkable that I have to rush home to call someone. With this blog, I can just share with everyone.

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If you’re horny you’re healthy

In Venezuela, the food at the beach is as much a part of the culture as the sand and the waves. During my recent vacation to Margarita Island, I learned that it is in fact the beach street vendors and dive bars that offer the healthiest — and therefore sexiest — food on earth. Some…

Do artificial sweeteners provoke an insulin response?

One of the reasons study results are often wrong – more likely wrong than right in fact – is because there are so many confounding variables. For example, we can’t tell whether the cephalic insulin response to artificial sweeteners is meaningful and unhealthy, because most of the population is already in metabolic shambles. The cephalic…

Trust Mother Nature

One of my favorite political pundits tweeted recently about how mainstream messaging pummels us morning, noon, and night with stupidity until we collapse from exhaustion. “Then you wake up tomorrow and it’s more turbo stupidity until the next day.” While the tweet was related to world events, you could just as easily apply this sentiment…