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As an athlete, model, personal trainer, and all-around fitness fanatic, Keva Silversmith logged thousands of gym hours, and accumulated the nagging injuries that go along with it.

With a commitment to power, strength, fitness, physique, and confidence at an age when most men have let it all go, Keva has studied and experimented with how best to preserve his health and stay forever 35.

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Optimize Injury Healing Program

Avoiding injury is ideal, but second best is having a plan to recover faster. In my experience, efficient injury recovery requires a kind of project manager. There is no one-stop shop in the medical field to create the conditions for optimal repair:

  • Your doctor doesn’t know how to do physical therapy

  • Your physical therapist doesn’t know about supplements

  • Neither is an expert in nutrition

  • No one has thought at all about the impact of your light environment on rest and recovery

An athlete struggling to recover from a gym mishap needs a holistic program to expedite healing.


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Back (2)

Low Back

Strength and mobility for life



Heal your peroneal tendon


Golfers Elbow

Fix your medial epicondylitis in one month

Customer Successes

See how customers have improved their lives after following one of my programs.

Years of pounding and lifting took its toll. Now I’m feeling great and have a plan to live without focusing on the wear and tear.
-David S. 

I really appreciated the simple instructions and no nonsense approach to fixing my pain. I could follow along easily.
-Rose A.

Keva showed me tricks and tips I hadn’t considered or come across before. His real world experience comes alive through his program.
-Jordan F.