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In Decline

The decline bench should be a place to do great work. Unfortunately, gyms and equipment manufacturers have conspired to turn the decline bench into just more weight room clutter. Almost every decline bench I’ve ever climbed onto makes me seasick. I don’t know whether to blame the gyms that won’t tighten the pivotal bolt, or…


Gym Pet Peeves

If you’re at a group dinner and the conversation starts to fizzle, here’s an idea: Play a game where each guest shares a pet peeve — for example, when you waste time on a meeting that could just as easily have been an email. I played this game recently at a work function, and it…


The gym death spiral

The gym business has never been about keeping the regulars happy, but rather courting the indifferent. The Washington Post summed up the situation nicely in an article about gyms and New Year’s Resolutions: “It might seem like kind of a weird business model – a business that succeeds when its customers don’t set foot in…

The Key Point

One of the biggest obstacles to a good workout is just getting through the gym’s front door. I don’t mean this in a motivational sense – I mean literally having a gym employee remember to get out of bed and go open the club. The 5:00 am keymaster ought to feel a lot of pressure….


The Case for RFK Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed paperwork to run for president last week. He’s running as a Democrat, but the terms Democrat/Republican, Left/Right mean little today. What animates U.S. politics now is the ruling class vs. the people class. Take a glance at Kennedy’s announcement remarks: “My top priority will be to end the corrupt merger…