Ground rules

Now that COVID hysteria has passed, we can reflect on some of the most absurd interventions. Outside the gym, I have a favorite I’ve experienced personally and one I’ve only read about. When I went to the dentist in January 2022, the office required that I wear a mask while waiting for my appointment ……

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A story about heart

For reasons still unknown to me, some manufacturers of barbell plates design them with 12-sides, rather than as a wheel. Even more strangely, some gyms, like mine, actually buy them. One theory is that edged barbell plates make deadlifting impossible. As a result, members are prevented from rattling windows with the crash of falling iron….

The Key Thing

It turns out that one of the biggest obstacles to having a good workout is just getting through the gym’s front door. Now I don’t mean this in a motivational or philosophical sense – I mean literally having a gym employee remember to get out of bed in the morning and go unlock the front…