Heal injuries naturally — product progression

If you find yourself dealing with a gym-related strain or sprain, you don’t have to reach for an over-the-counter painkiller or get a prescription for high-dose ibuprofen. I have developed a progression of all-natural interventions from the simplest to more complicated, based on my own trial and error. These substances not only work like analgesics, but also contain properties that actually help your body heal.

Magnesium oil

First, try spraying magnesium oil on the site of injury. Magnesium oil is a topical solution made of water and magnesium chloride. Wait an hour and see if you feel relief.

Herbal remedies

Boswellia extract and drynaria rhizome, explained below, have different mechanisms of action in the body. Your response to each will vary depending upon the nature of your injury and individual biology. Give each a try for several days and see what works best for you.


Unflame® is a natural herbal blend with boswellia extract as the main active ingredient. The extract is made from the bark of a boswellia tree. For me, two capsules bring immediate relief, and I’ve eliminated issues in a few days taking two to four capsules per day.

Gu Sui Bu

Gu Sui Bu is a powder made from the rhizome (root) of the drynaria plant (a kind of fern). This traditional Chinese herb is known for stimulating bone healing, but is also useful for recovery from traumatic soft tissue injuries.

BPC 157

BPC 157 is a peptide, produced by the body in the stomach, made up of 15 amino acids. When injected as peptide therapy, it has profound healing and repair potential. You can buy online all the parts you need, from syringes to the dried peptides that you must reconstitute with bacteriostatic water. This therapy is the most expensive and complicated along my progression, but it promises exceptional results. 

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