10 Second-Order Effects From Being Fit

When you’re in shape, you get attention from the opposite sex, you have less stress, you sleep better, blah blah blah who cares about that.

I’m more interested in ways fitness can change your life beyond the obvious. Here are 10 second-order effects from being fit:

10) You have a legitimate reason to buy your clothes off the bolt.

9) You can take your status symbol wherever you go, you don’t just leave it with the valet.

8) You are knowledgeable about something, you’re interesting to talk to. People might even see you as an authority on something.

7) You don’t fear what a checkup at the doctor might uncover; you’re excited to hear how impressed the doctor is with your condition.

6) You tacitly elevate your standards in your relationships, every day.

5) You’re already 50% of the way there for any guru’s advice on how to improve your life.

4) Almost any life challenge pales in comparison to what you face on leg day.

3) Cliches have actual meaning: age is just a number; at least you do have your health. 

2) You have something to bond over with your teenage kids. You might even serve as a role model. 

1) You look good in whatever pictures your friends decide to post on social media.

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  1. #7 is an actual thing I’ve pictured myself doing, though sometimes disease doesn’t discriminate. Still, it’s great to have doctors tell me I’m healthy during checkups. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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