10 positives of the coming food shortage

Since the president has told the American people to anticipate food shortages, I thought it was time to stay positive and look on the bright side. Here are 10 things we can look forward to:

10) Standing in breadlines will get people fresh air and sunlight.

9) Your only half-full grocery cart will offset higher inflation food prices.

8) Low carb living and less chronic disease will neutralize the coming scarcity of prescription drugs.

7) Cookies really will be a sometimes food.

6) The calorie counting myth will end by default (it was always quality over quantity).

5) You can permanently cross off weekly meal planning from your to-do list.

4) There’s no more skinny-fat body type. Now, just skinny.

3) People who do intermittent fasting will no longer have to defend their choices.

2) An end to hearing that continuous grazing with meals and snacks “keeps your metabolism up.” 

1) The debate over low carb diets will be moot.

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