Rearranging my sock drawer

One actual contribution of mine to the world of fitness has been promoting my shin protection method for the deadlift. Proper deadlift form requires that you drag the bar up your shins. For some body types, like mine, this movement involves painful scraping of your skin.

My solution is: create thin but sturdy shin guards from slices of a 2-liter soda bottle, secure them in place with knee-high socks, and then pull sweatpants over the whole operation. You get three layers of insulation between the bar and your bare skin. In fact, I made a video explaining the process. Even my physical therapist was intrigued.

Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t understand. She thinks I look ridiculous making exercise videos in the long socks I continue to wear after deadlifting. Here is a recent text exchange where she wanted to buy me a pack of replacement crew socks.

Wife: I will buy you regular socks for the gym. That way, you won’t need to change socks at the gym from the long ones to regular ones when you make your videos.
Me: Wrong. With these new socks, I will still need to change socks for my videos. The long knee-high socks anchor the shin guards and protect my shins. Your socks are too short.
Wife: People left comments on your shins video suggesting some normal solutions, with no cut plastic and no crazy socks.
Me: And when “people” reach age 50 like me, in perfect physical condition without TRT, I will be delighted to hear their opinion.


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