Apples Falling Close to Trees

I recently came across a YouTube video of outtakes from the 1970’s bodybuilding classic Pumping Iron, which featured a 28-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s one clip of Arnold and his bodybuilder pals having lunch at a local restaurant. They were creating a commotion with their presence — and their orders. You can watch their requests of the waitress: “Big steak and scrambled eggs,” “big steak and the tuna omelet,” “three hamburgers.”

Fifty years ago, before we were saturated with Big Food propaganda, the world’s most muscular men — and most lean — knew how to eat. This is the menu for mental focus, powerhouse performance, and the best possible physique. In a word, health.

Nevertheless, even Arnold, in his advancing years, has succumbed to the zeitgeist. He now advocates for a meat-free lifestyle, claims to be 99% vegan, and shares images on his social media account of himself with his “hero” — climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“Every night I eat a cucumber salad with pumpkin seed oil and a vegetable soup,” he said.

Question: If cows are bad for the environment, where does soil come from?

In any event, Arnold has gone full Howard Hughes. He shares his meals at the dinner table with his pet donkey, Lulu, and his miniature pony, named Whiskey. He also made news in August 2021 telling mask and vaccine skeptics to “screw your freedoms.”

Dude. Your dad applied in 1938 to be an official Nazi and he was a member of the Sturmabteilungen (storm troopers). Just maybe, you should sit this one out.

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