Idols and Heroes

My teenage daughter is at the stage where she dreams up a new career each week. Last month it was YouTube influencer, last week it was clothing designer, and today — I think this might stick — is psychologist.

I gave her my $.02 on the mental health field. For starters, the area of nutrition psychology is fresh and massively underrated. The first set of questions any mental health professional should ask is: tell me about your diet, your light environment, your sleep hygiene. We know that gut health is closely tied to brain health, and that inflammation in the body leads to inflammation in the brain. With lifestyle changes, the mental health profession could fix everything from depression to schizophrenia. The reason these interventions are not more popular is, of course, because the best medicines are free.

The second step a psychologist should take, I told my daughter, would be to recommend a parasite cleanse. Parasites can make their way into the brain and wreak havoc. You can purge your body of parasites with an extended fast, or if that’s not possible, a variety of over-the-counter treatments.

One interesting theory around parasites is that viruses should be considered microscopic parasites. Viruses enter and co-opt cells in order to replicate, behavior that is similar to their larger relatives. Viruses as parasites might explain why ivermectin, an antiparasitic, is an effective treatment against COVID. CORRECTION: It was an effective treatment, until public health officials muscled everyone into accepting useless, but profitable, biotech trash.

So here is the pattern: the medical field rejects cheap, effective treatments (exercise, sunlight) in favor of expensive junk (SSRIs, The Jab). The COVID fiasco highlighted the scheme and exposed the frauds. Given the rampant unseriousness in the industry, a review of all medical literature seems prudent, particularly in areas where mainstream advice defies logic: red meat, salt, sun exposure, cholesterol, and all vaccines (not just mRNA).

If you dig into childhood vaccine data, it appears that these injections rode the coattails of transformational improvements in sanitation. Likewise, SIDS has nothing to do with drivel about infants sleeping on their backs vs. stomachs, but rather is a vaccine-related adverse event possibly tied to gut issues in babies fed formula.  

In short, your idols and heroes in the medical profession ought to look vastly different from three years ago. Here’s an example of what I mean:

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