I’m not like you

At social events, when I politely decline: alcohol, dessert, anything that comes out of a box, food after dark (circadian rhythm), and products mixed with vegetable oils — acquaintances often respond by saying, “I could never be like you.” In one comment, they excuse their own lazy lifestyle by writing off mine as extreme and unobtainable.

I never proselytize my lifestyle. Other people’s choices make no difference to me. However, when I’m confronted by skeptics, I always think to myself that, “I don’t make the rules.” If you don’t like the principles of human biology, that’s not a Keva problem. Instead, I recommend you take it up with the manufacturer. 

In any event, what could you do? Implied in a comment about my fanaticism is that you would be open to something less severe. Great! If I asked you to maintain some percentage of my intensity that could still make a difference, would you do it?

After giving it some thought, I think the minimum is 25%.

What does this mean?

  • Every four days, could you go to the gym and exercise with an effort that makes people look?
  • Every four days, could you stop eating for a minimum of 18 hours? Then, could you prepare and consume for the day just one perfect meal of: pasture-raised eggs, wild-caught salmon, and some grass-finished beef — all cooked with butter from 100% grass-fed cows? Could you create a side dish of guacamole made from organic avocados, certified 100% olive oil, apple cider vinegar, thymoquinone-rich black seed oil, and sea salt (trace minerals)?
  • Every four days, could you carve out time in your schedule to go outside, lay (or walk) in the sun, and absorb nature’s nourishing rays?

You could, you should. But you and I both know … you won’t.

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