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I was having breakfast with my in-laws today. As my father-in-law reached for the salt, his wife slapped his hand and scolded him for his salt consumption.

The connection between salt and heart problems is a medical myth, one that per usual, only makes the problem worse. In fact, LOW sodium causes heart attacks, and your body will dissolve its own bones to get sodium if you are deficient. Osteoporosis in the elderly could be a simple issue of salt deficiency.

Another deficiency theory I read about recently relates to copper. The global epidemic of heart disease may in fact be due to modern farming practices that produce nutritionally dead food. Google the term “copper deficiency heart” and you’ll find an article explaining what has been known for more than a generation: “Systemic effects include high blood pressure, enhancement of inflammation, anemia, reduced blood clotting, and possibly arteriosclerosis.” My cardiologist friends … since this low fat, low sodium, high statins thing isn’t working out, can you please take a look at this copper thing? Hello?

There is a Red Pill axiom that says it is harder to take someone from 0 to 1, than from 1-100. (The “Red Pill” is a reference to the movie The Matrix, where the mentor gives his disciple a red pill that enables him to leave the simulation and enter reality.) An individual willing to cross the divide from zero to one is at least open-minded about seeing the world as it is. From that perspective, the rest of the journey is manageable.

Here’s a quick test to see where you fall on the 0-100 scale:

-Did you know Alzheimer’s is related to insulin insensitivity and a high sugar diet, which creates a breeding ground for fungal infections in the brain?
-Did you know Crohn’s disease can be put into complete remission with no medication through a carnivore diet?
-Did you know fasting deprives cancer cells of the glucose fuel they need to grow?

Don’t feel bad. The solution to so much pain and suffering is readily available, but neither patients nor doctors seem to care. Why?

Here’s one more deficiency theory: We live in a highly religious age that is lacking in critical thought. Medical professionals represent the modern priesthood and modern medicine is faith. You don’t question the doctors and the doctors don’t question themselves.

And if you’re curious about how we treat heretics, here’s a sample:

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