Yes, and …

My teenage son recently took a local summer job as an intern for a TV sports network. He was struck by the incredible hours and days put in by the event production team. The production team had been on the road since early April, although we were now deep into May. The crew starts setting up for each game early in the morning, and they break down the equipment after each game late at night.

Forget having time to go to the gym, these guys had no time to buy underwear: one of my son’s assignments was to go to the local mall and buy one technician new briefs as he hadn’t had a chance to do a wash in weeks.

When I go to my own white collar work functions, I also note the unnatural schedules of my executives. Always on the road, stuck all day in windowless hotel meeting rooms, partaking in three or more restaurant-prepared, seed oil-soaked meals per day—with alcohol always in the mix.

I have folks say to me from time to time, “Keva you look great because you have the time for it.”

Like they teach you in business communication classes, let me respond with: “Yes, and … ”

I am well aware of the gift I’ve been given, and I express my gratitude by approaching each training session with the highest intensity. I think of the gym like any spiritual experience—you give your best to honor those less fortunate.  

The reality, however, is that there are hundreds-of-thousands, millions among the laptop class that have the same opportunity as me to build lifetime health. Instead, they spend their rare gym visits mostly checking their phones, or they sit on their couch nonstop and get up only to mindlessly raid the fridge, or they neglect their light environment, day and night. 

So yes, I have the flexibility to optimize my health, and I seize the opportunity.  

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