I wanted to do an Instagram Reel showing myself doing my daily injection of BPC-157. I thought it would be cool to freak my kids out with what is in reality a nothingburger. However, my wife put the kibosh on the concept. She thinks my non-English-speaking followers would assume I was pumping myself full of steroids, and she’s probably right.

Let me describe the video I was going to make. By way of background, I’ve gotten feedback on other posts that if I’m going to make a video with my shirt off, I should film while standing so that my six-pack is visible. For my injection video, from a standing position, I was going to start by explaining the nurse’s instructions. She said I needed to do my injections into fat deposits—love handles are one popular place, thighs and buttocks are other options. However, since I have no love handles (stage direction: flex), I would jab my thigh instead.   

Next point: Is the treatment working?   

Given the raging placebo effect involved here, I’ll never know. My elbow feels great and I’ve never seen a tendinopathy heal so fast. The amazing thing about placebo is that it’s the winning treatment in almost every drug trial, and also comes with the least side effects.

Come to think of it, I’m going to call my broker and tell him I want to invest in the manufacturer of this placebo stuff. Apparently it’s the cure for almost everything.

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