Why you should lift barefoot

I don’t understand YouTube Shorts. I get that it’s a TikTok competitor featuring videos of one minute or less, but I can’t figure how the algorithm works. The few YouTube Shorts I’ve posted get a handful of views, except for this one video I made about lifting barefoot, which got over 2,200 views in 24 hours.  

Along with a couple thousand views, I also got my first piece of negative feedback, something I know even seasoned influencers struggle with. I don’t care about the criticism, however, or even the nastiness. What offends me is the stupidity.

The commenter wrote that since he is stronger than I am, all of my praise of barefoot lifting is moot. I have two responses.

First, my message, my brand is: how can aging athletes—anyone really—optimize strength while minimizing injuries. I explore the trade-offs and risk management that I learned the hard way. Whatever vessel-busting eruption this individual is enamored with is, literally, none of my business.

Second, when you build a strong foundation with your feet, all your lifts will benefit. If this individual were to follow my advice, he could be even stronger than me then he is now.

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