Walk away

I sympathize with folks trying to learn the right way to exercise. In addition to the shockingly bad information coming out of the medical profession, I have to call out what is happening with personal trainers as well.

Today I saw a trainer instruct his new student to perform walking lunges with 10 pound dumbbells in each hand. Now, I’m “advanced,” and I do walking lunges with no weight. The poor woman of course couldn’t get her knee close to the ground for a full range of motion, and she looked so unsteady and uncomfortable. What a mess.

As a refresher/reminder/review, here’s the way to perform walking lunges:

Walking lunges are a glute exercise. Take big steps and control each leg’s descent with your glute, then blast out of the bottom with your glute. Do not let your knee hit the ground hard, use your muscles to control your steps.

Here’s the section on walking lunges from my Low Back Pain Reduction Program for Aging Athletes:

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