A shocking experience

My Peroneal Tendon Recovery Program For Aging Athletes is now live, and let me tell you, it reflects my way.

Peroneal tendon problems can turn into the sprained ankle that never fully heals. In fact, peroneal tendinopathy can take 5 to 15 years(!) to heal if not properly addressed.

When I was seeking solutions to my peroneal tendon injury, I had a therapist who had my lie on my back while she passed an electric charge across my tendon. While electrified, I would turn my ankle clockwise for reps as she provided resistance with her hand. The exercise, while challenging, never made sense to me, and after months of no progress I decided I would have to heal my tendon my way.   

What is my way? My way is a commitment to getting out of my tendon problems the same way I got into them. Rehab is like any other workout – simple, serious, hard. I bring high intensity to exercises I research, understand, and can feel doing the job.

So here’s my course – 7 meaningful, strenuous movements to aid the recovery of your peroneal tendon, and one stretch that I have found to help.

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