Honey vs. Vinegar

It’s been a while since I’ve been scolded by gym staff for dropping my heavy dumbbells at the end of a set. Not only do I try my best to treat gym equipment with care, but most gyms have also upgraded to rubber-encased dumbbells. Iron missiles now impact resilient, high-tech floors with barely a thud.

Still, gym staff trying to look busy can always shuffle over to the dumbbell rack and hassle someone training hard.

Over the past few years, the fierce competition among gyms has perhaps caused the demeanor of gym staff to improve; or possibly, the modern gym’s high ceilings and bright colors have softened the typical employee’s disposition. Either way, I have to say that the reprimand I got this morning almost made my day: “Hey there – yes you – you need to be more careful about dropping your weights … otherwise, I was very impressed.”

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  1. In fairness to the affiliates in the best gyms involved, the turnout when my gym programs strength days is noticeably lower than the turnout on metcon days, you start losing members. It’s the affiliate’s responsibility to educate people and explain how their programming will help meet their goals. But you’ve got to keep the doors open too, and ultimately that means giving people what they want. How many people in the OP’s position would have simply switched gyms without bothering to ask around first?

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