Heavily Armed

I worked out at a gym today that recently fastened this sign to the front desk:

In case it’s a little hard to read, it says: LIFE TIME FITNESS BANS GUNS ON THESE PREMISES. Whoa. Now I get the prohibition of guns around locations such as bars and courthouses. And certainly any establishment has the right to institute these kinds of rules. But within the context of a health club (and considering the shock value to a guy who just wants to use the Stairmaster) this sign seems rather misplaced. Would a sign that says – LIFE TIME FITNESS BANS CHICKEN WIRE ON THESE PREMISES – feel any more foreign?

Really now, if you’re going to post a sign for gym members at the most conspicuous spot in the club, how about something a little less menacing – and perhaps more motivational?

Play like a champion today

In any event, maybe management wants only to maintain the gym’s foo-foo atmosphere; what they really mean is just no big guns:

Arnold Schwarzenegger guns

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