Cool Running

As the weather turns colder and I take my running inside, I recognize the subtle change in my training. Outside, I expend energy pushing against air resistance; inside, I face the relentless climb up a treadmill’s incline. But regardless of whether a run is more challenging on pavement or a belt, there’s no question about the validity of my treadmill pet peeves.

I have worked on my issues, and I’m pretty much over the people who cling to the dashboard for dear life. What I still can’t stand though, is the guy next to me who stomps the treadmill like an elephant. In fact, I bet it’s this pulverizing running style that explains why half the gym’s treadmills are continually out of order.

There is some meager good news, however. These poseurs, pounding the deck at a speed of 7.0 or 7.5, can be counted on to quit after no more than 10 minutes.

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