Here’s A Tip

Judging from comments on the web, unsolicited exercise advice is a chronic problem at the gym.

To be fair, I’ve often had the urge to run up to people and ask what in the world they are thinking. However, I respect people’s space. I’m open to at least the possibility that a person is working around an injury, intentionally using partial reps, or trying something new. In any event, it’s not my problem and none of my business. I’m just there to train myself (and I can make fun of them later in this blog).

But how are you supposed to react when your classic gym busybody isn’t offering fitness advice, but stock tips? I never figured that one of the challenges of working out early in the morning is that you’re also training before the market opens. Added to the list of most obnoxious distractions: Guy rambling on about his big trading plans for the day.

Well, buddy, I’ve got a tip for you too: Just shut up.

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  1. I always roll my eyes when overhear people offering advice. And I also feel bad for the people subjected to said advice. I try to make myself as “unapporachable” as possible when I’m working out to avoid those “Chatty Cathys”.

  2. I read something when I was a kid, in an article titled, “How the Brain Works.” It has served me well in the gym, when I see someone doing arm pullovers on the ab machine, etc., and in countless other situations: “Never tell anyone anything. If he wanted to know, he already would.”

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