The Rest Of The Story

My nightmare featuring crazed gym ball users keeps getting worse. Remember the guy standing on the exercise ball with his dumbbells? I guess balance really is an issue:

So I saw the guy on the swiss ball again today doing bicep curls, but this time he fell off, twice … The first time, I heard a loud clang as the guy managed to catch himself before falling right onto me by grabbing the top of the rack. The second time thankfully no one was near him as he had to actually jump off the ball and land awkwardly to the side of the ball. Scary stuff!

When this guy ends up seriously hurting himself, the key question becomes: Will he sue the swiss ball manufacturer because of the product’s round, unstable shape?

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  1. True…before long, there will be a class action lawsuit against the Swiss ball manufacturers for causing undue injury to these stupid people.

  2. I wanted to take a photo of a Gold’s trainer making his client do some kind of double pulley rows while laying back and balancing on TWO swiss balls (upper back and feet).

  3. I’m really thinking the next phase for this blog is some kind of photo-essay … some of this stuff can’t really be captured with words. Might be some liability issues though …

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