Sound effects (con’t)

I regret to report that I have discovered a new low in gym music. Something more annoying than regicide rock and more debilitating than Barry Manilow: Nonstop talk from a group of giddy DJs. And when I say nonstop, I mean no music at all. An Oscar night review. A recap of yesterday’s The View. An interview with a local mixed drink specialist.

I couldn’t wait for the commercials.

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  1. I think I would have to murder the employees behind the desk if my gym did that. I don’t bring my mp3 player to the gym unless I’m doing one of my cardio only workouts.

  2. The worst sound effects in the gym: the idiot (predominantly) college students that get angry and kick the weights and curse and yell before lifting. This ridiculous display is frequently coupled with one repetition poor form gym goers.

  3. My gym, a Gold’s no less that can certainly afford to get a better playlist, regularly has A-HA, The Maryjane Girls, early Christina, Brittany, and N’Sync, various European pop bands nobody has heard of, and that crap from Jessica Simpson. If listening to this BS isn’t bad enough, TVs are emblazened with the videos. Thank you Steve Jobs for inventing my Ipod and keeping me from blowing out my brains in the middle of a bench press.

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