Top Two Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Seen At The Gym

I figure I’ll just get to the best right at the beginning. The second most absurd thing I have ever seen in the gym was a fellow running on the treadmill in flip-flops. This gentleman was not walking leisurely or warming up, but engaged in a full blown 30 minute run in his beach footwear.

Now #1: It’s bad enough when members bring their cellphones onto the gym floor. You’ve got the distractions of phones ringing, silly conversations (and my favorite: dude with headphones on so he doesn’t hear his own phone ringing). One guy resolved all these logistical problems by wearing his Bluetooth hands free headset onto the gym floor. The most amazing thing I have ever seen in a gym was this guy doing a set of 10-15 pull-ups while talking on the phone.

I took clarinet lessons when I was young, and my teacher held a yearly recital for all her students. One year, a saxophonist played through his entire concerto with gum in his mouth, sometimes chewing. Much like Bluetooth man, the performance was not remarkable for its quality, but for the ability to combine previously mutually exclusive activities.

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